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Working to make sure you get the best value in trading 100% full 

synthetic solvent, oil, wax & fuel products.

We're global market makers serving both buyers & sellers of FT Synthetics.
In the emerging commercial markets for Fischer-Tropsch, Gas-to-Liquid hydrocarbons, US Synthetic Oil is the first company to serve both producers and bulk buyers of full-synthetic FT solvent, wax, oil & fuel products.

It's a new market.
FT Synthetics are very high-end special products. We understand their value. We also understand the emerging market demand and growing new applications for FT / GTL Products. US Synthetic Oil removes the sales & marketing burden from producers by connecting your products to buyers who want to buy your solvents, waxes, oils & fuels. US Synthetic Oil simplifies the market for buyers by dependably delivering great products with premium specifications at good prices. We deliver on both ends.



We're here to provide commercial market expertise to clients and our trading desk to create exceptional value for buyers and sellers.

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We'll help you by setting up the right commercial market structures to guarantee liquidity and delivery when needed.

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Experience you can trust.

Expert trading, marketing & distribution for full-synthetic FT/GTL products.