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Offering Buyers more options in high-quality, full-synthetic solvents, waxes, oils & fuels. 

Up to now, its been nearly impossible to purchase Fischer-Tropsch (FT) produced base oils, solvents, waxes and fuels on the open market. FT synthetic hydrocarbons are in high-demand and in short-supply. FT base oils deliver many of the performance benefits of PAO's but at less cost. FT iso-paraffin fluids are excellent biodegradable, non-toxic replacements for petroleum-based solvents. FT diesel fuel is sulfur-free, has high Cetane numbers, but no aromatics or particulates. FT products are biodegradable. Request product specifications to learn more. 

A new pathway to purchase synthetic solvents, waxes & base oils.

US Synthetic connects you with dependable, long-term supplies of full synthetic solvents, waxes and base oils.  We also provide a range of purchase options.  US Synthetic  can provide you with one-time "spot market" purchases, all the way up to 5-year supply contracts on a predetermined volume basis.  Your choice.  

Purchasing flexibility.

We're here to help structure the right purchase arrangements to help you and your company obtain hard-to-find, full-synthetic Fischer-Tropsch produced solvents, base oils, waxes and distillate fuels.  Let's talk today.