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 6 CO  +  13 H2  =>   CH3-CH2-CH2-CH2-CH2-CH3   +  6 H2O    (n-hexane example)

 CH4  +  H2O  =>   CO + 3 H2   (convert methane to syngas)

Full FT Synthetics. Explained.

Specialized "Full-Synthetic" solvents, oils, fuels and waxes produced by the Fischer-Tropsch (FT), catalytic-reaction synthesis process are quite different from conventional "Synthetics" produced from crude oil and other petroleum based feedstocks.  Full-Synthetic FT hydrocarbons are catalytically synthesized through a process that builds-up chains of carbon and hydrogen, one carbon atom or molecule at a time.  The reaction process is very similar to the polymerization of monomers to produce polymers, such as in the production of plastics.

FT Full-Synthetics can be produced at grade levels that are considerably higher quality and higher purity than conventional 

"Synthetics" that are produced from petroleum oil.   Another key is that FT oils, waxes & fuels are synthetically produced from low-cost, readily available gases, like natural gas or biogas.   FT hydrocarbons are also biodegradable.  

How they're made.

In the first-step of the FT process, methane-rich gases are catalytically converted to "synthesis gas", a building-block mixture of Hydrogen (H2) and Carbon Monoxide (CO).  In the next step, synthesis gas is catalytically reacted in such a way that literally links CO molecules together in a synthesis process that forms clean, long chains of carbons, each with a newly attached H2.  

Step 1 - Produce Syngas

Step 2 - Produce Synthetic Liquid Hydrocarbons

Step 3 - Finishing

  • In the finishing step, product hydrocarbons are separated from water and processed to final product specifications.  The resulting FT solvent, oil, distillate and wax products are very pure and free of undesirable components that come from petroleum feedstocks such as BTX, sulfur, particulates and polycyclic aromatic compounds.


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Full FT Synthetics